My 7 inch Vinyl Singles collection
1. Status Quo Backbone Liberty Lane UK (Limited Edischen) 2019 2. Status Quo Craz Crazy Face The Music UK (Limited Edischen) 2019 3. Status Quo Aquostic Mistery Song/Little Lady (Medley) Claudie (Strings Mix) (UK Version) 2014 4. Status Quo          The Party Ain’t Over Yet...    Gerdundula (Live 2005) (UK Version) 2005 5. Status Quo I din’t Mean It          Whatever You Want (Limidet Edischen Coloured Vinyl) 1994 6. Status Quo Sheri Don’t Fail Me Now Beautiful      (Limidet Edischen Coloured Vinyl) 1994 7. Status Quo Restless And I Do      (Limidet Edischen Clear Vinyl) 1994 8. Status Quo Roadhouse (Medley) Roadhouse (Medley) (Extended Verion) 1992 9. Status Quo Can’t Give You More Deat In The Water    (UK Version) 1991 10. Status Quo Rock ’Til You Drop Medley Caroline,     (Int. Version) 1991 11. Status Quo Anniversary Waltz (Part One) The Power Of Rock (Limidet, Silver and Gatefold Vinyl) 1990 12. Status Quo Anniversary Waltz (Part One) The Power Of Rocck (UK Version) 1990 13. Status Quo Anniversary Waltz (Part Two) Dirty Water      (UK Version normal output) 1990 14. Status Quo Little Dreamer Rotten To The Bone (Int Version) 1989 15. Status Quo Not At All Gone Thru The Slips (UK Vesrion) 1989 16. Status Quo Ain’t Complaning That’s Alright      (UK Version) 1988 17. Status Quo Ain’t Complaning That’s Alright      (Int. Version) 1988 18. Status Quo Who Gets The Love Halloween       (UK Version) 1988 19. Status Quo Buning Bridges Whatever You Want  (UK Version) 1988 20. Status Quo Buning Bridges Whatever You Want  (Int.  Version) 1988 21. Status Quo Running All Over The World Magic       (For Sport Aid Germany) 1988 22. Status Quo In The Army Now Heartburn       (UK Version) 1986 23. Status Quo Dreamin Long - Legged Girls (UK Version) 1986 24. Status Quo Red Sky, Don’ Give It Up, Rockin all..., Whatever... (Spec. Gatefold Doublepack) 1986 25. Status Quo Red Sky Don’ Give It Up        (UK Version normal output) 1986 26. Status Quo Rollin’ Home Lonely         (UK Version) 1986 27. Status Quo The Wanderer Cant’ Be Done        (DE Version) 1984 28. Status Quo Going Down Town Tonight Too Close To The Ground  (DE Version) 1983 29. Status Quo A Mess Of Blues Big Man      (UK Version) 1983 30. Status Quo Marguerita Time Resurrection       (DE Version) 1983 31. Status Quo Ol’ Rag Blues Stay The Night        (Limited Edischen Blue Vinyl) 1983 32. Status Quo Ol’ Rag Blues Stay The Night       (UK Version normal outbut) 1983 33. Status Quo Young Pretender Never Too Late        (Holand Version) 1983 34. Status Quo Dear John I Want The World To Know  (UK Version) 1982 35. Status Quo She Don’t Fool Me Never Too Late        (UK Version) 1982 36. Status Quo Caroline (Live At The N.E.C.) Dirthy Water (Live At The N.E.C.) (UK Version) 1982 37. Status Quo Something About You Baby..  Enough Is Enough     (France Version) 1980 38. Status Quo Rock ’N’ Roll Hold You Back        (France Version) 1980 39. Status Quo Rock ’N’ Roll No Contract        (UK Version) 1980 40. Status Quo What You’re Proposing A B Blues        (UK Version) 1980 41. Status Quo Lies Don’t Drive My Car  (DE Version) 1980 42. Status Quo Living On an Island Runaway        (UK Version) 1979 43. Status Quo Whtaever You Want Hard Ride (UK Version) 1979 44. Status Quo Whatever You Want Hard Ride        (DE Version) 1979 45. Status Quo Accident Prone Let Me Fly        (De Version) 1978 46. Status Quo Again And Agaim Too Far Gone        (UK Version) 1978 47. Status Quo Again And Agaim Too Far Gone        (Holand Version) 1978 48. Status Quo Rockin’ All Over The world Ring Of A Change      (DE Version) 1977 49. Status Quo Rockin’ All Over The world Ring Of A Change      (UK Version) 1977 50. Status Quo Rockers Rollin´ Hold You Back (Rare Holland pressing) 1977 51. Status Quo Mitery Song Drifring Away        (DE Version) 1976 52. Status Quo Wild Side Of Life All Trough The Night (DE Version) 1976 53. Status Quo Rain You Lost The Love (Rare Holland pressing) (Swirl Label)1976 54. Status Quo Rain You Lost The Love     (France Version) 1976 55. Status Quo Roll Over Lay Down, Gerdundula and Juniors Wailing (Live) (DE Version) 1975 56. Status Quo  Down Down Night Ride          (France Version) 1975 57. Status Quo Just Take Me Break The Rules (Rare Spain Version) 1974 58. Status Quo Breack The Rules Lonelly Night         (France Version) 1974 59. Status Quo Caroline Joanne        (UK Version) 1973 60. Status Quo Mean Girl Everything         (UK Version) 1973 61. Status Quo Paper Plane Softer Ride         (UK Version) 1972 62. Status Quo Roll Over Lay Down Gerdundula         (Autria Version) 1972 63. Status Quo Spinning Wheel Blues Tune To The Music     (UK Version)  Pye Records 1970 64. Status Quo Down The Sustpipe Face Without A Soul   (DE Version)  Pye Records 1970 65. Status Quo Are You Growing Tired Of My Love So Ends Another Live (UK Version) Pye Records 1969 66. Status Quo Gentleman Joe’s Sidewak Cafe Pictures Of Machstick Men       (UK Version) Pye Records 1968 67. Status Quo Gentleman Joe’s Sidewak Cafe Pictures Of Machstick Men       (DE Version) Pye Records 1968 68. Status Quo Black Veils Of Melancholi To Be Free (UK Version) Pye Records 1968 69. Status Quo Black Veils Of Melancholi To Be Free (DE Version) Pye Records 1968 70. Status Quo Ice In The Sun When My Mind Is Not Live      (DE Version) Pye Records 1968 71. Rick Parfitt Without You (Album Version)     Without You (Instrumental Version)  Ear Music UK & Europe  500 copies worldwide. 2018 72. Francis Rossi I Can See Clearly Now Fr. Rossi Interview (Blue Vinyl and Full Album On CD) 2010 73. Fr. Rossi / Frost Jealousy Where Are You Now 1985 74. Andy Bown  (Quo) Another Shipwreck Another Night Without You 1978 75. Andy Bown (Quo) Supersonic Feeling Better 1975 76. Bob Young Mean Girl Living On An Island 1986 77. The Manchester United Football Squad Come On You Reds    Come On you Reds (Instr. Vers.) (Very Rare) (Burning Bridges Status Quo) 1994 78. Stephan Remmler Drei Weisse Birrrken (Featuring Status Quo) Birrrken (Wald und Wiesen Mix) (Featuring Status Quo) 1988 79. Status Quid Boring Song The Beagles  Dead Cicada 1981 80. John Forgerty Rockin’ All Over The World The Wall 1975 81. Fee Du Musst zur Bundeswehr (In The Army Now) Wahnsinn 1987 82. Desiree Nosbusch Was Du gern Möchtest (What You’re Proposing) Darüber reden (Original von Status Quo) 1980 83. Fatty Jack Anna, mach kein scheiss Immer Trouble    (Columbia Records Germany) 1975 84. Mario Aita Lovely Lady Die Liebe macht blind (Something Bout You Baby I Like) 1988 85. Steeleye Span Sails Of Silver Senior Service (Taken from The Album “Sails Of Silver”) 1980 86. Steeleye Span Gone To America Let Her Go Down (Taken from The Album “Sails Of Silver”) 1980 87. Steeleye Span Gaudete One Misty Moisty Morning 1977 88. Steeleye Span All Around My Hat Black Jack Davey 1975 89. Gilbert O’Sullivan The Way Things Used To Be Last A Friend 1987 90. Gilbert O’Sullivan At The Very Mention Of Your Name At The Very Mention Of Your Name (LP Version) 1990 91. Gilbert O‘Sullivan So What (Remix Edit Version) So What (Orig. Version) 1990 92. Gilbert O’Sullivan At The Very Mention Of Your Name Stick In The Mud 1988 93. Gilbert O‘Sullivan So What We Will 1987 94. Gilbert O‘Sullivan The Way Things Used Be Lost a friend 1987 95. Gilbert O’Sullivan Bear With Me Don’t Bother At All 1982 96. Gilbert O’Sullivan What’s In A Kiss Down, Down, Down 1980 97. Gilbert O’Sullivan Hello, Its Goodbye Break It To Me Gently 1980 98. Gilbert O’Sullivan You’ve Got Me Going My Love And I 1977 99. Gilbert O’Sullivan To Each His Oen Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind 1976 100. Gilbert O’Sullivan You Never Listen To Reason Call On Me 1975 101. Gilbert O’Sullivan I Don’t Love You But I Think I Like You That’s A Fact 1975 102. Gilbert O’Sullivan Come To See Me Yesterday I Don’t Know What To Do 1974 103. Gilbert O’Sullivan Come To See Me Yesterday Don’t Ever Change 1974 104. Gilbert O’Sullivan Happines Is Me And You Breakfast, Diner And Tea 1974 105. Gilbert O’Sullivan Why, Oh Why, Oh Why You Don’t Have To Tell Me 1974 106. Gilbert O’Sullivan A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl Get Down 1973 107. Gilbert O’Sullivan Ooh Baby Good Company 1973 108. Gilbert O’Sullivan You     What Can I Do Disappear Ray O‘Sullivan Now Know As Gilbert O‘Sullivan 1972 109. Gilbert O’Sullivan But I‘m Not Ooh - Wakka - Doo - Wakka - Day 1972 110. Gilbert O’Sullivan Clair What Could Be Nicer 1972 111. Gilbert O’Sullivan No Matter How I Try If I Don’t Get You 1972 112. Gilbert O’Sullivan We Will I Don‘t Know What To Do 1971 113. Gilbert O’Sullivan Underneath The Blanket  Go Doing The Best I Can 1971 114. Gilbert O’Sullivan Nothing Rhymed Everybody Knows 1970 115. Gilbert O’Sullivan Matrimony Alone Again (Naturally) 1970 116. Hanson     I Was Born 2017 (New Song 25th Anniversary Tour) Great Divide (Album The Walk 2007) (Unique 1 Copy Worldwide)   2017   117. Hanson This Time Around If Only 2000 118. Hanson I Will Come To You With You In Your Dreams 1997 119. Hanson Mmmbop Where’s The Love 1997 120. Vanessa-Mae occata & Fugue In D Minor (Single Edit) Warm Air (Emi UK) 1995 121. Vanessa-Mae Red Hot (single Version) Aurora (Emi UK) 1995 122. Maddy Prior Face To Face Half Lstening (Bellaphon Germany) 1983 123. Maddy Prior Wake Up England Paradise (Emi UK) 1980 124. Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up Don’t Stop 1981 125. Les Hum. Singers Mexico Jennifer Adam 1972 126. Les Hum. Singers Mama Loo I’m From The South, I’m From Ge-O-Orgia 1973 127. Koreana Hand In Hand (Official 88 Olympic Song) Victory 1988 128. David Hasselhoff  Everybody Sunshine Everybody Sunshine (Instrumental) White Records Germany 1992 129. David Hasselhoff  Looking For Freedom Looking For Freedom (Instrumental) White Records Europe 1988 130. Dire Straits So Far Away Wal Of Life 1985 131. Eddy Grant Gimme Hope Jo’anna Say Hello To Fidel 1988 132. Eddy Grant Harmless Piece Of Fun Blood Money 1988 133. Eddy Grant Baby Come Back (Edited Version) Political Bassa Bassa 1985 134. Eddy Grant Electric Avenue Walking On Sunshine 1983 135. Eddy Grant Till I Can‘t Take Love No More California Style (First Edischen in red Vinyl) ICE Records Germany 1983 136. Hot Cocolatte Love Is Life Pretty Girls 26.06.1970 137. Hot Cocolatte I Beliveve in Love Caveman Billy 13.08.1971 138. Hot Cocolatte You Secy Thing A Warm Smile  01.10.1975 139. Los Lobos La Bamba Charlena (UK Versison Slash Records) 1987 140. Los Lobos Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes Tears Of God (Australia Versison Slash Records) 1987 141. Los Lobos One Time One Night All I Wanted To Do Was Dance (UK Versison Slash Records)   1987 142. Los Lobos Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) Tears Of God (UK Versison Slash Records) 1987 143. Europe The Final Countown On Broken Wings 1986 144. Aisa The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Lyng To Yourself (UK Version Limited Edition In Blue Vinyl) 1983 145. Asia The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Lyng To Yourself (Europe Version)      (Europe Geffen Records) 1983 146. Asia Don’t Cry Day Light   (Europe Geffen Records) 1983 147. Asia Heat Of The Moment Ride Easy 1982 148. Asia Only Time Will Tell Time Again    (Europe Geffen Records) 1982 149. The Nits The Dream The House 1988 150. The Nits The Train Blue 1988 151. Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Gumboots 1986 152. Sailor All I Need Is A Girl Copacabana 1978 153. Sailor Girls, Girls, Girls Jacaranda 1975 154. Sailor A Glass Of Champagne Panama   (Europe Epic Records) 1975 155. David Dundas Jeans On Sleepy Serena 1976 156. Elton John Crocodile Rock Elderberru Wine 1972 157. Billy Joel Uptown Girl Careless Talk 1983 158. Billy Joel Say Goodbye To Hollywood Stop In Nevada 1976 159. Steve Winwood Hearts On Fire (7. Remix) Hearts On Fire (Instrumental) (U.S.A Version) 1988 160. Steve Winwood Valerie Talking Back To The Night 1987 161. Steve Winwood The Finer Things Back In The High Life Again (U.S.A Version Reissue) 1986 162. Steve Winwood Freedom Overspil Help Me Angel (U.S.A Version) 1986 163. Steve Winwood While You See A Chance Vacant Chair (Frace Version) 1980 164. Lemon Jelly Nice Weather For Ducks! Soft 2003 165. Lemon Jelly Soft Rock (Blue Single Not On Label Lemon Jelly Self-released UK 2001 166. Linda Ronstdt Thatt’ll Be The Day Try Me Again 1976 167. John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John (Grease) You’re The One That J Want Alone At A Drive-Jn Mpvie (Instrumental) USA Vers. 1978 168. Arrow Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot (Instrumental)         (US Version Chrysalis Records) 1983 169. Donnie Elbert I Can’t Help Myself Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone 1972 170. The Trashmen Surfin’ Bird (Mono Version) King Of The Surf (Mono Version)  (U.S.A Version Gannett Records) 1063 171. John Farnham You’re Rhe Voice Going, Going, Gone 1986 172. Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers     Swing The Mood Glen Miller Medley 1989 173. Inner Circle Games People Play (Radio Edit) Games People Play (Miami Mix) 1994 174. Musical Youth Pass The Dutchie Give Love A Chance   (MCA Records UK Version) 1982 175. The Kings Lola (Mono Version) Berkeley Mews (Mono Version) (UK Version) 1970 176. The Belle Stars Iko Iko (Rain Man) Las Vegas (UK Version) 1989 177. Clouseau Anna She’s All Mine (Germany Version) 1992 178. Giorgio Moroder Reach Out (Track Theme From The Official Music Of The 1984 Games) Reach Out (Holand Version) 1984 179. War Low Rider So (U.S.A. Version 1975 180. The Shocking Blue ,Venus’ (Mono) Hot Sand (Mono) (U.S.A. Version) 1968 181. Adriano Celentano Svalutation La Barca (Italy Version) 1976  182. Adriano Celentano Azzurro (Mono Version) Una Carezza In Unpugno (Italy Version) 1968 183. Rocco Granata Marina (Mono Version) Manuela (Mono Version) (Italy Version) 1959 184. Gianna Nannini Bello E Impossibile Vampiro 1986 185. Dexys Midnight Runners Come On Eileen Dubious 1982 186. Opus Live Is Life Up And Down 1984 187. Ocean Put Your Hand In The Hand Tear Down The Fences 1980 188. Boney M Rivers Of Babylon Brown Girl In The Ring 1978 189. La Bionda One For You, One For Me There For Me 1978 190. Tina Turner Rhe Best Undercover Agent For The Blues 1989 191. Peter Allen I Go To Rio Rhe More I See You 1976 192. Miriam Maceba Pata Pata The Rene Gades Cadillac 1988 193. France Call Ella Elle L’a Dancing Brave 1987 194. Fredericks Goldman Jones À nos actes manqués Chanson D´amour 1991 195. Peter Cetera Glory Of Love Le Moment de Verite n 11 1986 196. Peter Cetera (Featuring Amy Grant) The Next Time I Fall Holy Moly 1981 197. The Stranglers Golden Brown Love 30 1981 198. Smokie In The Middle Of A Lonely Dream Angelina 1989 199. The Small Faces Sha-La-La La-Le All Or Nothing 1977 200. Middle Of The Road Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Rainin N Painin 1977 201. Rocky Sharpe And The Replays Rama Lama Ding Dong When The Chips Are Down 1978 202. Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman I Can’t Stop Loving You 1977 203. David Foster Winter Games Piano Concerto in G 1988 204. Alice Carthaco Una Sera Di Novembre 1983 205. Cat Stevens Rebember The Days Of The Old Schoolyard Land O’Freelove & Goodbye 1975 206. Jimmy Buffett Volcano Stranded On Sandbar 1979 207. Marianne Faithfull Lucy Jordan Brain Drain 1979 208. Albert Hammond The Free Electric Band It Never Rains In Southern California 1982 209. Dolly Parton 9 To 5 Sing For The Common Man 1980 210. Nick Kamen I Promised Myself You Are 1990 211. Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive Born To Be Alive 1989 212. Men At Work Down Under Helpless Automation 1981 213. Michael Sembello Maniac (Vocal) Maniac (Instrumental) 1983 214. UB 40 I Got You Babe Theme From Labour Of Love 1985 215. A-Ha Take On Me Love Is Reason 1985 216. Wham Freedom Freedom (Instrumental) Epic Records Europe 1984 217. Foreigner Say You Wil A Night To Remember 1987 218. Barclay James Harvest Life Is For Living Sperratus 1980 219. Neil Diamond Beautiful Noise Home Is A Wounded Heart Europe CPS Records 1976 220. Stakka Bo Here We Go Happyman UK Stockholm Records 1993 221. Supertramp Breakfest In Anerica Gone Hooywood A&M Records Netherlands 1979 222. Alphaville Big In Japan Seeds DE. Wea Records 1984 1984 223. Shakin Stevens Marie, Marie Baby If We Touch UK. Verion. Epic Records 1980 224. Fleetwood Mac Don’t Stop Gold Dust Woman UK,. Verion Warner Bros. Records 1977 225. Leo Sayer The Show Must Go On Tomorow France Version Chrysalis Records 1973 226. Huvey Lewis And The News The Power Of Love (Back to the Future) Finnaly Found A Home Europe Chrysalis Records 1985 227. Men Without Hats The Safety Dance Security 1982 228. Mike Oldfield Moonlight Shadow (Vocals Maggie Reilly) Rite Of Man 1983 229. Sandra Maria Magdalena Party Games (Instrumental) 1985 230. Sandie Shaw Puppet On A String (1st place Euro Vision) Had A Dream Last Night Pye Records Germany 1967 231. Cash And Carry Tschip Tschip Who Needs Money? Barclay Records France Verson 1973 232. Kommissar Rex Kathy simpson ’A Good Friend ’ (Theme Song) A Good Friend Remix (Theme Song) Clear Vinyl 1 Copy Worldwide 2016 233. Kommisar Rex und seine Freunde Jingle Bells (Dancing Dogs Mix) Jingle Bells (Dogs Original Mix) Intercord For Promotion Only  1995 234. Karel Fialka Hey Matthew The Things I Saw 1987 235. Peter Maffay Lieber Gott Dafür 1982 236. Peter Maffay Über sieben Brücken musst du gehn Erst dann hat der Teufel gesiegt  Metrinome 1980 237. Nena 99 Luftballons Ich bleib im Bett  CPS Europe Verion 1983 238. Nena 99 Red Ballons Ich bleib im Bett  Epic Europe Version 1983 239. The Loords Glory Land (Mono) Rain Dreams (Mono) 1967 240. Geier Sturzflug Bruttosozialprodukt Früher oder Später 1982 241. EAV Ba Ba Banküberfall Es gewinnt a jeder  Emi Netherlands 1985 242. Reinhard Fenerich  Es Lebe der Sport Irgendwann  Philips Austria 1982 243. Rainhard Fendrich Macho Macho Macho Macho (Cantado En Español)  Ariola Germany 1988 244. Spider Murphy Gang Königsjodler Brich ma ned mei Herz  Ariola Europe 1986 245. Spider Murphy Gang Pfüai Gott Elisabeth Sommer in der Stadt (Live)  Electrola Europe 1984 246. Spider Murphy Gang Sch-Bum ('S Leben Is Wiar A Traum) Moni Moni Moni  Electrola Germany 1984 247. Spider Murphy Gang Ich schau dich an So a schöner Tag  Electrola Germany 1982 248. Spider Murphy Gang Wo bist du? Herzklopfen  Electrola Germany 1982 249. Spider Murphy Gang Schickeria Wer wird denn Woana  Electrola Germany 1981 250. STS Mach die Aug’n zu Wieder auf Tour 1987 251. STS Fürstenfeld Manchesmal 1984 252. Nico Haak Schmidtchen schleicher Die Ukulele 1975 253. Haindling Lang scho mimmer g'sehn Schürzenjäger 1984 254. Klus & Klaus Da steht ein Pferd auf’m Flur Der Schnarchhahn 1983 255. Relax Marie Dynamite Tscharlie 1983 256. Ralf Bendix Babysitter-Boggie Und die kleine Elisabeth 1978 257. Karel gott Die Biene Maya (Original Titelmelodie in Langfassung)  Bunter Schmetterling 1976 258. Die Schlümpfe Die Schlumpfen Revue Eure Schlümpfe Germany Telefunken Records 1981 259. Frank Zander (Fred Sonnenschein und seine Fraunde) Der Ohrwurm Der Meerwalzer 1982 260. Nicki I bin a bayrisches Cowgirl Druck Driving Man 1987 261. Die Prinzen Mein Fahrad Blaues Blut 1992 262. Die Prinzen Millionär Millonär (A-capella Version) 1991 263. Bretagne (Nathalie‘s Melody) Matula‘s Theme (Aus dem ZTF - Krimi „Morgengrauen“ Ein Fall für Zwei) Ahorn Germany 1984 264. Andreas Jürgens Wir tanzen Labbada Wer tanzen Lambada (Instrumental Version) 1989 265. Andreas Jürgens Nach so einer Nacht Und dabei liebe ich euch beide 1987 266. Andreas Jürgens Spanien ist schön (Ole Ole) Die Sterne über mir 1984 267. Andreas Jürgens Wenn Corinna weint Mein Herz ist wegen Liebe geschlossen 1983 268. Andreas Jürgens Lebenskünstler Solang ein Mädchen träumen kann 1982 269. Andreas Jürgens Manuel Goodbye Ein Lied der Liebe 1982 270. Andreas Jürgens Puerto Rico Im Land der schönen Träume 1982 271. Andreas Jürgens Playa Planca Ich bin heute mal Discjockey 1982 272. Andreas Jürgens Japanese Boy Er sagt er hat mich lieb 1981 273. Andreas Jürgens Mama Lorraine Für den Frieden dieser Welt 1981 274. Andreas Jürgens Blonder Junge Ich bin heute mal Discjockey 1981 275. Andreas Jürgens Leise rieselt der Schnee Alle Jahre wieder 1980 276. Andreas Jürgens Ich hab’ heut’ schon Lampenfieber vor dem Kuss Julie 1980 277. Andreas Jürgens Das Mädchen von den Bergen Grossväterchen 1980 278. Andreas Jürgens Aber am Sonntag Diese alten Leute 1980 279. Andreas Jürgens Aba Heidschi bum beidschi Jingle Bells 1979 280. Andreas Jürgens Eine Rose für dich Ein Bild von früher 1979 281. Andreas Jürgens Ein Herz für Kinder Ballerina, Ballerina 1979 282. Andreas Jürgens Tina ist weg Könnt ihr euch denn nicht vertragen 1978 283. Andreas Jürgens Ich zeige dir mein Paradies Ein kleiner Baum im Häusermeer 1978 284. Andreas Jürgens Und dabei liebe ich euch doch beide Ob es den Grossen gefällt oder nicht 1977 285. Fabienne Louves Schweizer National Hymne (D, I, F) (2008) Rot wiis (2010) (Unique 1 Copy Worldwide) 2017 286. Koreana Go - Go - HCD! Sorry My Love 1981 287. Matterhorn Project Yo - Lollo - Diuh Yo - Dub 1985 288. Matterhorn Project Muh! Moophonia 1985 289. Claude Nüt... Schubidua 1982 290. Teleboy Teleboy (Titel aus der TV-Sendung von Kurt Felix) Ich sueche es Telegirl (Very Rare Vinyl Single) 1974 291. Familie Emmel s’Migros Lied Schweizer Volkslieder 1970 292. Pepe Lienhard Swiss Lady (schweizerdeutsche Version) Warum 1976 293. Pepe Lienhard Swiss Lady Englische Version) Shyny Red Balloon 1976 294. Peach Weber Peperoni (Swiss Disco Mix) Peperoni (Original U.S. Version)       Polydor Switzerland 1988 295. Peach Weber Sun, Fun The Luftmatratz Song (Disco Mix) Please Turn The Record 1986  296. Nöggi De Caesar gaht i d’Ferie Ohni Moos nüt los Gold Records 1990 297. Nöggi Hörndli und G’hackeds Räegi Musig (Selten) Gold Records 1988 298. Nöggi Mir sind vom FCA s’Leue - Lied (Selten) Gold Records 1988 299. Nöggi Ich bin halt wien ich bin! Trans Europa - Fiinschmöcker Kompanie (Selten) Gold Records 1988 300. Nöggi Jasse isch Trumpf Jede hät din Vogel (Selten) Gold Records 1987 301. Nöggi Pizza - Song Gugge - Fieber (Mit de Guggenmusig “Limmatliche” Züri) (Selten) 1987 302. Nöggi Verschän’k doch dini Liebi (Aus Eurovision 86) (Er) läbt Gold Records 1986 303. Nöggi Chrut und Rüebli (1. Teil) Chrut und Rüebli (2.Teil) Gold Records 1985 304. Nöggi Jodeladiehiepiepiep De Sprachfähler Gold Records 1984 305. Nöggi En Cowboy Traum En Buure - Traum Gold Records 1984 306. Nöggi Mis Beizli Was wott dänn dä mit Däre (Selten) Gold Records 1984 307. Nöggi         Dänn gömmer halt is Hallebad (Feat. Harlem Ramblers) Blues - Stund (Feat. Harlem Ramblers) Gold Records 1983 308. Nöggi Chilbi - Zyt Örgeli Disco (Selten) Gold Records 1983 309. Nöggi Aber suscht bin i immer no de glich Dänn bruuchsch haöt öper wo t chasch mitem rede... Gold Records 1982 310. Nöggi I bin en Italiano s’Muess immer öppis gah! Gold Records 1981 311. Nöggi Ich bin ein Italiano (Deutsche Version) Es muss immer was gescheh’n (Deutsche Version) 1981 312. Nöggi s’Leue - Lied Unterdorf - Song Gold Records 1981 313. Nöggi Häuptling “Falsches Bär” En rächte Rock Gold Records 1981 314. Nöggi Ich bi verliebt i Züri Unterdorf - Song Gold Records 1980 315. Nöggi s’Muess immer öpis gah! Und dänn schlani i Gedanke e Brugg Gold Records 1980 316. Trio Eugster Jetzt isch de Zapfe ab Dä spinnt glaub es bitzli 1979 317. Trio Eugster De Markus gaat in Chindegarte Alli wieder fit! 1977 318. Trio Eugster E suuberi Sach d’Schuelerreis 1974 319. Trio Eugster Ganz de Bappe dörf’s es bitzli meh si 1970 320. Trio Eugster Oh läck du mir... De Pantoffelheld 1970 321. Monika Gyger Berüemt sy Es btz romantisch CH Special 1984 322. Monika Gyger Immer numä nei Sägä Mys Örgeli CH Special 1983 323. Jean-Michel Et Son Equipe     Suzette (Erzählung Jean-Jean Michel Suzette (Kinder der Gemeinschaft) (Orannge Label) Power Records  1977 324. Benjamin Stern Kinder in Rumänien Gemeinsam gegen Kinderarmut! (Nur drei Exemplare Wetweit) 2015 325. Benjamin Stern Het s’Läbe en Sinn?? Kisha Frei wie en Fogu (Original habe ich auf CD (gibts nur 1X) 2012 326. Benjamin Stern Ich Vermisse dich Manchmal reg ich mich einfach auf   (Nur zwei Exemplar Wetweit) 2012 327. Benjamin Stern Sorina De Säge Gottes (New Song)           (Nur zwei Exemplar Wetweit)  2012 328. Benjamin Stern Chinde Den drum Folget mir dir no (Nur zwei Exemplar Wetweit)  2012 329. Benjamin Stern Ich dänke a Dich Jetzt isch es verbi (Single Version) (Nur ein Exemplar Wetweit) 2007 330. Benjamin Stern Happy Birthday (alles gute zum Geburtstag) S.O.S I’m Calling Out (Nur ein Exemplar Wetweit) 2006 331. Benjamin Stern Ich wünsche dir Will er (Nur ein Exemplar Wetweit) 2006 332. Benjamin Stern Es Bedütet mir viel Er wirt immer bi dir si (Nur ein Exemplar Weltweit) 2006 333. Freddy Peter s’Namelose (s’Lied vomene Ungeboene Chind) Neus Land Sehr Rar 1985 334. Schwert & Schild Put Your Hand / Voller Schmerz Schwert & Schild / Amen Sehr Rar 1970 335. Chi Coltrane Go like Elijah It’s Realy Come To This 1972 336. The Manhatten Transfer     Operator Tuxedo Junction (USA Versison Tlatic Records) 1975 337. Happy Day Singers     Oh, Mary don’t you weep (Trat.) Nobody Knows (Trat.) (Auditon Germany) 1973 338. Michael W. Smith Pleace In This World Seed To Sow 1990 339. Amy Grant Ageless Medley (33. rpm) Ageless Medley (33. rpm) 1983 340. Amy Grant Lead Me On (Editet Version) Sure Enough 1988 341. Amy Grant Baby Baby Lead Me On 1988 342. Amy Grant That’s What Love Is For (Single Mix) That’s What Love Is For (Album Edit) 1991 343. Amy Grant Good for Me (7” Good For You Mix) Good For Me (7” You Like To Dance Mix) 1991  
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