My 12 inch Vinyl Singles collection
1. Status Quo Rock ’Til You Drop Medley     Forty Five Hundered Time (UK)   1991 2. Status Quo Can’t Give You More Deat In The Water Mysteries From The Ball (UK)   1991 3. Status Quo The Anniversary Waltz The Power Of Rock  Perfect Remedy (UK)   1990 4. Status Quo Not At Al Everytime I Think Of You Gone Thru The Slips (INT)   1989 5. Status Quo Little Dreamer Rotten Tho The Bone Doing It All For You (UK)   1989 6. Status Quo Ain’t Complaning That’s Alright Lean Maschine (UK)   1988 7. Status Quo Who Gets The Love? Halloveen The Reason For Goodbye (UK)   1988 8. Status Quo Burning Bridges (On And Off And Ond Again) Whatever You Want Marguerita Time (UK)   1988 9. Status Quo Running All Over The World (Rec. Sport Aid 1988) Magic Running All Over The World (UK)   1988 10. Status Quo Dreamin Long-Legged Girls Quo Christmas Cake Mix (UK)   1986 11. Status Quo Rollin’ Home Lonely Keep Me Guessing (UK)   1986 12. Status Quo In The Army Now (Military Mix) Heartburn The Last Night (UK)   1986 13. Status Quo Red Sky The Milton Keynes Medlwey (Mistery Medley) (UK)   1986 14. Status Quo Ol’ Rag Blues (Extended Re-Mixed Edition) Stay The Night Whatever You Want (UK)   1983 15. Status Quo Caroline (Live At the N.E:C.) Dirthy Water (At The N.E.C.) Down Down (Live At The N.E.C.)   1982 16. Status Quo A Mess Of Blues (Extended Version) Big Man Young Pretender (UK) Rare   1982 17. Francis Rossi Bernhard Frost Modern Romance (I Want To Fall In Love Again) I Wonder Why (Extended Remix)   1985 18. Gilbert O’Sullivan So What (Extended Version) So What (7” Mix) We Will (DE)   1987 19. Gilbert O’Sullivan At The Very Mention Of Your Name Stick In The Mund   1988 20. Gilbert O’Sullivan So What (Remix) 6:45 So What (Single Remix) 3:45 So What (Original Version)   1990 21. Koreana Hand In Hand (Extended Version) Victory Hand In Hand (Instrumental Version)   1988 22. Koreana Loving You, Loving Me (Maxi Version) Love Away Loving You, Loving Me (Radio Single)1988 23. Koreana Hey Daydreamer Minight Lover Don’t Make Me Cry   1986 24. Men Without Hats Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix) Antarctica I Got The Message)   1982 25. Eddy Grant Gimme Hope Jo’ana (Extended Mix) Say Hello To Fidel Living On the Front Line (Live Rec.)   1988 26. Eddy Grant Baby Come Back (12 Remix) Dance Party Baby Come Back   1984 27. Rocco Granata Marina (Remix 89) Marina (Original Mono) Marina (Dub Version)   1989 28. Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Gumboots Late In The Evening   1980 29. Nick Kamen I Promised Myself (Independente Mix) You Are I Promised Myself   1990 30. Sandra Maria Magdalena Party Games (Instrumental)   1985 31. Europe The Final Countown (Extended Version) On Broken Wings Heart Of Stone   1986 32. David Hasselhoff Looking For Freedom (Maxi Version) Looking For Freedom (Instrumental)   1988 33. Karel Fialka Hey Mattew (Extended Remix) Hey Mattew The Things I Saw   1987 34. Mike Oldfield Moonlight Sahdow (Extended Version) Rite Of Man   1983 35. Michael W. Smith Place Ïn This World (Edit Remix) Place In This World (LP Version) Goin’ Tru The Motions (LP Version)1990 36. Matterhorn Project Muh Moophonia (Extended Version) (Rare Maxi)   1985   37. Rednex Cotton Eye Joe (Aquagen Remix) Cotton Eye Joe (Extended Version) Cotton Eye Joe (Dance Nation Remix) Catton Eye.  Instr.2002 38. Hanson MMMBop (Berman Brothers Mix) MMMBob (Berman Brothers Club) MMMBop (Instrumental)  (Rare Promotionl. Not for Sale 2002 39. Charlotte Church Just Wave Hello (Almighty 12- Definitive Mix) Just Wave Hello (Almighty 12- Instrumental) Very Rare Promo   2001  
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